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Have Neatly Sewn Clothing and Items

At Mountain Stitchin', LLC in Klamath Falls, Oregon, I provide clothing alterations and repairs on any type of garment. I also do machine embroidery on shirts, towels, and gifts. If you want your pants hemmed, I'm the right person for the job. People come to me to have their new blouses altered so it will fit them well. I also mend holes on seams and sew missing buttons back in place.

Person Sewing

Personalizing with Creative Embroidery

Embroidering is a great way to personalize clothing and gifts. It can brighten up plain clothes and items with colorful and intricate designs. I can embroider towels, shirts, or any garment of your choice. I can even do detailed embroidery above a shirt pocket. Just tell me the design and colors you want, and I will replicate any pattern. I can also embroider shirts for teams.

Making Proper Clothing Alterations

If you've purchased dresses or pants that do not fit properly, I can alter them for you. Send me any type of clothing, and I'll make sure you can wear it after my alterations. I do alterations for men, women, and children. You can set an appointment at my shop, or I can come to your location for alterations.

Sewing Stripes for Military Uniforms

When soldiers advance in rank, they acquire stripes that need to be sewn on their jackets. Having both grandfathers and a son in the military allowed me to learn how to sew the right patches and stripes for Army uniforms. I have the books that tell me exactly where to place military stripes and marks. If you're in the Army and in need of help with your clothing, you can come to me to have your stripes sewn.

The Importance of Getting Stripes Right

The military is very strict with their dress code, which means soldiers should always have the right stripes and symbols on their clothing. My job is to make sure you have the correct stripes in the designated areas of your military uniform.